5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo

5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo

5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo

5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo

5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo
5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 | LPG Expo

Welcome to the 5th West Africa LPG Expo - Senegal 2024

Promoting LPG as Clean Energy for Forest Conservation in West Africa
18 – 19 July | Senegal
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About the Summit

With a vibrant population of 16 million people and a robust GDP of 24 billion dollars, Senegal stands as a beacon of economic potential in West Africa (World Bank Development Indicators, 2018). Despite limited natural gas reserves, Senegal has become a trailblazer in the adoption of LPG, with a staggering 1.5 million LPG stoves in use, particularly in urban regions. The Butanization program, initiated by the Senegalese government in 1974, paved the way for this remarkable growth, culminating in an annual consumption of 170,000 MT in 2017—a growth rate 56 times larger than its humble beginnings.

Why Attend?

  • Industry Insights: Delve into the core of Senegal’s LPG market with in-depth insights from industry experts and government officials.
  • Market Exploration: Explore the diverse opportunities in Senegal’s LPG sector, driven by a robust domestic demand and innovative developments.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with international players, stakeholders, and key decision-makers, fostering global partnerships for mutual growth.
  • Strategic Alliances: Discover how your business can leverage Senegal’s thriving LPG market, forming strategic alliances for long-term success.

Senegal’s LPG Market: A Resilient Landscape with Impressive LPG Adoption

Senegal’s impressive LPG adoption is a testament to its strategic vision and proactive policies. The Butanization program propelled the market, creating a substantial demand for LPG, especially in urban centres. Despite the slowdown experienced after the removal of the LPG subsidy in 2009, Senegal’s LPG industry remains resilient. Importing 98% of its LPG, Senegal has effectively harnessed the potential of LPG, bridging the gap between limited natural gas resources and growing demand.

Untapped Potential in West Africa

Senegal’s economic trajectory is poised for unparalleled growth from 2023-2027. Fueled by the initiation of oil and gas projects and a wave of new investments, Senegal is set to reach new heights. The synergy between Senegal’s domestic market demand and the untapped LPG resources in West Africa positions the nation as a leader in the regional energy landscape.

Beyond Senegal’s borders lies a significant untapped LPG resource base in West Africa. This invaluable resource holds the key to meeting local market demand, paving the way for sustainable growth and economic development across the region.

Secure Your Spot!

Be part of Senegal’s journey at the 5th West Africa LPG Expo – Senegal 2024 towards energy sustainability and economic prosperity. Embrace the opportunity to invest in Senegal’s burgeoning LPG market and tap into the immense potential of West Africa’s untapped resources. Together, let’s fuel growth, empower communities, and shape a brighter future for Senegal and the entire West African region.

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Exhibition Area

Celebrate Senegal’s remarkable LPG success story by becoming an exhibitor at the Senegal LPG Expo 2024! We extend a prestigious invitation to both local and international LPG companies to showcase their innovations in this thriving market. With a vibrant population of 16 million and an annual growing consumption of 170,000 MT in 2017, Senegal stands as a beacon of economic potential in West Africa.

Join us in this transformative event, where you can network with industry experts, explore collaborations, and shape the future of LPG in Senegal and the wider West African region. 

Secure your exhibition space today and be a part of Senegal’s energy revolution.

  • Networking Sessions: Connect with potential partners, investors, and industry peers.
  • Innovation Showcase: Explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions transforming the LPG industry.


Conference Zone

Be part of this transformative journey by joining us as a delegate, where you’ll delve into Senegal’s flourishing LPG sector. Discover unparalleled opportunities by attending insightful conferences led by influential speakers, unraveling the latest trends and prospects within the industry.

As a delegate, you’ll connect directly with government officials and industry experts, gaining unique market insights and understanding the limitless opportunities in Senegal’s LPG sector, such as Senegal investment opportunity.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to actively shape the future of LPG not just in Senegal but also across the wider West African region.

Secure your spot now and ignite a brighter, sustainable future for LPG in Senegal and beyond!

  • Keynote Speeches: Listen to influential speakers share insights and predictions about the future of the LPG market.
  • Panel Discussions: Engage in discussions covering market trends, sustainability, and technological innovations.

Sponsorship Package

Elevate your brand to unprecedented heights by seizing our exclusive sponsorship! As a sponsor, you’ll enjoy unparalleled exposure to industry leaders, potential investors, and decision-makers, showcasing your expertise through speaking opportunities and panel discussions. Benefit from prime logo placement, VIP networking access, and complimentary exhibition space, solidifying your position as a key player in the booming LPG market.

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